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Thursday, July 18, 2024

Time for Biden to stand aside and give American voters a real choice

Biden was a viable choice for voters in 2020 and they threw out Donald Trump after just one term. But the presidency ages a man fast and Biden was older then and older and more feeble now
Dejected Joe Biden leaves he debate he could have won (Courtesy of CNN)

Joe Biden is six years older than me but I could not and would never claim I have the mental competence to run a a hot dog stand, much less a nation.

Why? Because I am a 76-year-old man suffering early-onset dementia brought on by TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) caused by a serious motorcycle injury in 2012. Doctors say ir is the “probable cause.” They are not sure because my medical record includes multiple concussions over the years, including one or two that could have been TBI before medicine knew such an injury existed.

I was first told a year ago, at age 75, that I was showing “clear signs of early-onset dementia.”

“I’m 75,” I told the neuro psychologist ho delivered he news. “Could I just be having memory lapses and an idability to hold a thought be causes simply by old age?”

“Yes, it could,” he admitted. “We really don’t know for sure.”

My memory loss has increased since the diagnosis a year ago. So is losing a thought in mid sentence. I can’t remember the names of people I have known for most of my lives. My wife (current one) had to tell me that I was married before. I could not remember even describe anything about my first wife.

I used to be a killer at Trivial Pursuit. No more. If I have to drive from our home into town (a five-mile journey), I too often don’t remeber why I did so and have to call my wife to ask why I am taking the trip.

Joe Biden is 81, walks more slowly and deliberately than he did w hen he won the presidency four years ago. The talks softly and softly and his speech is sometimes slurred and incohesive. He gets lost inought — sure signs of old age.

His debate performance against convicted felon Donald Trump was a monumental debacle against a 78 year, obese, bloated pig, documented liar, convicted felon, adjudicated rapist and sexual predator who too often speaks in gibberish, rambles incoherently and shows clear signs of dementia.

Voters who could make the difference in this year’s vital Presidential election want to see a clear and definitive reason to turn away from the hate, anger and bigotry of Trump ,but they are telling pollsters respond to an older president who has trouble finishing a sentence or thought. they don’t want an older president who, like others, had agred rapidly in the job.

Voters provided that difference in 2020 when they responded and booted Trump out of the White House but age is taking its toll on Biden, who now seems, to them, more of a threat than a viable alternative.

So, it’s time for Biden to step down and turn the choice over to the Democratic party. Vice President Kamala Harris if a clear choice and perhaps it is time for the party to unde true r-estimate her fire and ability, like so many others who tried and failed before she sent them to jail ad a state prosecutor.

Forget she’s a woman or a black woman. She’s a choice, a real choice, at a time when America needs such a choice for the future.

The 2020 election shows voters respond when offered a viable alternative. Give them one. Democracy and the future of America is at stake.

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