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Thursday, July 18, 2024

On July 4th, fight to save our independence

On this "Independence Day," America's "democratic republic" is in danger from a corrupt Supreme Court, a felon who wants to return to the White House ,rabid Republicans and more
(Video by Doug Thompson)

On Thursday, we recognize Independence Day, the fourth of July. I’ve remembered and honored the day many times of the past 76th years. I’ve served this nation, praised it, cursed it more than a few times but now I worry most about its future.

We are a troubled nation filled with rabid partisanship, vicious anger, violent hate and disgusting bigotry. Our dysfunctional government, controlled by a hard-coreb right-wing cult that once was considered the political party of Abraham Lincoln has, as its presumed presidential nominee a convicted felon, adjudicated sexual predator/rapist, documented fraud, serial liar and worse.

The United States Supreme Court this week, packed with hard-core extreme right wing zealots, including a sexual predator twice accused of assault, a corrupt judge who sold out the nation to a rich benefactor showering him with lavish gifts, free stays at expensive results, travel on private jets and more ;and another accused of accepting bribes.

Land of the free? Hardly. Home of the brave? Take a hard look at a lemming-like Republican control of congress where they promoted their felon during his first corrupt term in office, are continue to use his lies and phony claims to try and put him back into office so he can use the new, king-like powers granted by the Supreme Court. Land of the cowards if voters don’t put a stop to it.

The Supreme Court’s rulings give a president an ability to commit crimes without fearing justice, order — if they want -imprisonment of political rivals, murder people they want conto be rid of and take whatever actions they wish to keep themselves in office for as long as the wish.

The court’s ruling may vacate the convictions and punishment of those who attacked America’s Capitol on Jan. 6, 2013, actions which threatened elected offices (“Hang Mike Pence”), killed others, including police officers and attempted to overthrow a legal election and trashed the symbol of our nation.

Our American flag will fly upside down on July 4th. Doing so is an symbol of a nation that needs help and salvation, but is anyone left to offer the help we need?

Yes, the voters are the ohly ones left, the same voters who threw Donald John Trump out of the White House in 2012 and must make sure that the same fate awaits him when they vote in November.

The voters came out in droves in 2012 to get rid of Trump, but we must rememer that states controlled by the party of the drunken, crooked elephant has tried to put in new rules and obstacles to try and limit voters. Know your rights and fight them if they try.

This is war.

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