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Saturday, July 13, 2024

Did Biden really lose the debate to a felon?

His disjointed, bumbling performance in the debate with Donald Trump has left Democrats fearing the worst. That is a bad mistake.
Dejected Joe Biden leaves he debate he should have won, but didn’t (Courtesy of CNN)

Worried supporters of 81-year-old President Joe Biden are shaking ther heads after his disappoibting performance i the only scheduled debate with convicted felon Donald Trump in Atllanta Thursday night.

“He gave the election to rhw only ex-presidebteverr convicted of crimes,” said one campaign staff member who, obviously, did not want to be identified. Biden was off his game at the beginning but seemed to recover and made strong points against the constantly angry and accusing †rump.

Some are not so sure.

Writes Peter Baker in The New York Times:

President Biden hoped to build fresh momentum for his re-election bid by agreeing to debate nearly two months before he is to be formally nominated. Instead, his halting and disjointed performance on Thursday night prompted a wave of panic among Democrats and reopened discussion of whether he should be the nominee at all.

Over the course of 90 minutes, a raspy-voiced Mr. Biden struggled to deliver his lines and counter a sharp though deeply dishonest former President Donald J. Trump, raising doubts about the incumbent president’s ability to wage a vigorous and competitive campaign four months before the election. Rather than dispel concerns about his age, Mr. Biden, 81, made it the central issue.

Democrats who have defended the president for months against his doubters — including members of his own administration — traded frenzied phone calls and text messages within minutes of the start of the debate as it became clear that Mr. Biden was not at his sharpest. Practically in despair, some took to social media to express shock, while others privately discussed among themselves whether it was too late to persuade the president to step aside in favor of a younger candidate.

“Biden is about to face a crescendo of calls to step aside,” said a veteran Democratic strategist who has staunchly backed Mr. Biden publicly. “Joe had a deep well of affection among Democrats. It has run dry.”

Biden began the debate looking like the older, fumbliing candidate that Trump, three years younger, claims in scathing attacks riddled with insults and outright lies. Struggling to speak in a hoarse voice, he fumbled over statements, seemed lost in thought and struggled with answers.

“Parties exist to win,” another Democrat continued in comments to The Times. “The man on the stage with Trump cannot win. The fear of Trump stifled criticism of Biden. Now that same fear is going to fuel calls for him to step down.”

Baker continued in his report:

A group of House Democrats said they were watching the debate together, and one, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, acknowledged that it was a “disaster” for Mr. Biden. The person said the group was discussing the need for a new presidential nominee.

Mark Buell, a prominent donor for Mr. Biden and the Democratic Party, said after the debate that the president had to strongly consider whether he is the best person to be the nominee. “Do we have time to put somebody else in there?” Mr. Buell said.

He added that he was not yet calling for Mr. Biden to withdraw but that “Democratic leadership has a responsibility to go to the White House and clearly show what America’s thinking, because democracy is at stake here and we’re all nervous.”

Republicans joyously claim Trump won the debate, overlooking the long list of lies, that silled out of the convicted felon’s mouth like verbal diarrhea.

Michael Gold notes in The Times:

For most of Thursday night’s debate, former President Donald J. Trump verbally pummeled President Biden, painting his political opponent as an ineffective leader with a torrent of attacks that were frequently false, lacked context or were vague enough to be misleading.

Mr. Trump went directly after Mr. Biden’s personal character, calling him “weak” and little respected by global leaders who were “laughing” at him.

He tried to accuse Mr. Biden of corruption, dubbing the president as a “Manchurian candidate” who was “paid by China,” a nod to frequent accusations of undue influence for which there is no evidence.

He directly blamed Mr. Biden for a wave of immigrants “coming in and killing our citizens at a level we’ve never” seen, a hyperbolic claim that is not backed up by available statistics.

And in a wild misrepresentation of facts, Mr. Trump claimed falsely that Mr. Biden “encouraged” Russia to attack Ukraine, even though Mr. Biden has consistently tried to rally support for Ukraine and his administration took active steps to warn President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia not to invade.

“I love Joe Biden. I know he’s a good man. I know his heart is good. I know he’s dedicated to our country and is surrounded by good people,” Long-time Democrat Maris Shriver wrote on social media. “Tonight was heartbreaking in many ways. This is a big political moment. There’s panic in the Democratic party. It’s going to be a long night.”

Former Missouri Democratic senator Claire McCaskill agreed, saying that while the debate showcased that Trump is “a liar, a flawed character, mean, a jerk, very unlikable,” she also had to address the “hard and heartbreaking part” of the evening.

“He had one thing he had to accomplish and that was reassure America that he was up to the job at his age, and he failed at that tonight,” said McCaskill, adding: “I’m not the only one whose heart is breaking right now. There’s a lot of people who watched this tonight and felt terribly for Joe Biden.”

With still little more than four months remaining before the election, some feel there is still time to recover, if Biden’s health permits, but others say the upcoming Republican nominating convention coudl turn into a free-for-all over who, if anyone, can step in and become a new candidate to defeat Trump.

Rick Wilson of The Lincoln Project says Biden had a bad day but also noted that other incumbents, including Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama had off nghts as incumbents in their re-election debates.

Bottom line still is that Biden is still better than Trump. America need to stand unified to get rid of this miscreant and stop his insanity that threatens all that America stands for. Biden needs out support, not our pity. He’s standing up for the nation he loves against a tyrant who loves nothing but himself.

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