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Saturday, July 13, 2024

Judge Aileen Cannon: Trump’s bitch?

A federal judge with little experience and a proven bias to the corrupt president who appointed her is also corrupt

If convicted felon Donald John Trump manages to avoid prosecution on more than 50 other felonies, including he teasonous possession of top secret classified documents hidden in his office and a Mar-a-Lago bathroom and his seditious actions on Jan. 6 Capitol Riot, he will have the improper and illegal actions of a federaj judge he appointed to thank.

Judge Aileen Cannon, an unabashed Trump lover in Fort Pierce, Florida, has bean rules, broken others and ignored the law that showcased her lack of experience and an absolute bias that igores the oach she swore.

Her actions have brought criticisms from other judges, current and former prosedutors and law professors throughout the nation. She has ignored calls for her to recuse herself.

“Aileen Cannon is basically Trump’s bitch.” reads a post on “X,” formerly known as Twitter.

“This bitch is a fucking moron and could never be A SCOTUS justice,” says another poster. “ou really need another reason to take your ass to the polls, and vote for Joe Biden, here it is. The Supreme Court is on the ballot.”

Notes Daily Kos:

There is absolutely no doubt about it now, Aileen “Loose” Cannon is corrupt:

  • Suspicion began when she gave Drumpf’s lawyers multiple do-overs on their flawed initial complaint, providing suggestions in the process — in effect writing it for them.
  • Upon receiving the complaint, she immediately stated she was inclined to rule in The Slobfather’s favor, before even hearing a response from the DOJ.
  • She proceeded to not only rule in TFG’s favor, but provided extra relief that Mar-a-Lardo didn’t even request.
  • Her ruling had little connection to the law, and was criticized by nearly the entire legal community as being farcical and blatantly biased.
  • When the DOJ graciously offered her a chance to make a narrow revision, giving her an off ramp to gracefully back down from he highly flawed ruling and sparing her sure disgrace of losing an appeal, she declined and stuck to her guns.
  • When Dearie stepped in and began handling the case like a real judge, she didn’t take the hint, and continued to stay her course.
  • Finally, the 11th Circuit last week delivered Cannon a righteous smackdown in their partial stay of her ruling.
  • Legal analysts considered the 11th Circuit’s ruling so humiliating to Cannon that we all thought she would finally retreat to her corner and cower in disgrace. At the time I said in this article “If she comes back for more punishment after being bitch slapped by both Dearie and the 11th Circuit, my suspicion would move from “she just wants to make Orange Daddy happy” to “he’s got something on her”.
  • In today’s ruling, “Come on Aileen” Cannon basically thumbs her nose at both Dearie and the 11th Circuit, in a move so transparently biased that most observers are now referring to her unironically as being a member of Hair Fuhrer’s defense te.

IIn The York Times, Charlie Savage and Allan Fauder write:

Shortly after Judge Aileen M. Cannon drew the assignment in June 2023 to oversee former President Donald J. Trump’s classified documents case, two more experienced colleagues on the federal bench in Florida urged her to pass it up and hand it off to another jurist, according to two people briefed on the conversations.

The judges who approached Judge Cannon — including the chief judge in the Southern District of Florida, Cecilia M. Altonaga — each asked her to consider whether it would be better if she were to decline the high-profile case, allowing it to go to another judge, the two people said.

But Judge Cannon, who was appointed by Mr. Trump, wanted to keep the case and refused the judges’ entreaties. Her assignment drew attention because she has scant trial experience and had previously shown unusual favor to Mr. Trump by intervening in a way that helped him in the criminal investigation that led to his indictment, only to be reversed in a sharply critical rebuke by a conservative appeals court panel.

The extraordinary and previously undisclosed effort by Judge Cannon’s colleagues to persuade her to step aside adds another dimension to the increasing criticism of how she has gone on to handle the case.

On MSNBC, former federal prosecutors, judges and legal experts say Cannon is a disgrace:

(Courtesy of Laurence ODonnell and MSNBC

Republicans, of course, praise the corrupt judge because she is doing all she can to let their corrut former president get away with more crimes. Truth has no place in her courtroom and adherence to the law is not important.

The 11th Circuit Court appeals has slapped her down in rulings that were appealed to judges who have some knowledge of the law

Court insiders say Cannon is “Trump’s bitch.”

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