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Saturday, July 13, 2024

Republicans are a party of traitors and political thugs

The Russians and Georgia's poor white trash Rep.Marjorie Taylor Greene agree that Speaker Mike Johnson is a traitor to America.
Traitor and Speaker of the House Mike Johnson

In the middle of all the hyperbole of what should be a serious election to determine the fate of American democracy, we find what is left of the Republican party defending a convicted felon with lies, distortions and ludicrous claims.

At the center of this is a clearly unqualified Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson, lying through his teeth about his party’s criminal candidate, Donald John Trump, convicted felon, adjudicated sexual predator and rapist.

Johnson’s unabashed support of Trump raises serious questions over treasonous actions. America used to hang traitors or put them before a firing squad.

Even the murderous dictatoe Vladimir Putin of Russia suggests Johnson is a traitor because he flippped on support of aid to Ukraine.

Reports Newsweek:

Some of Russian President Vladimir Putin‘s closest allies have flipped their narrative of House Speaker Mike Johnson after the Republican leader supported the passing of an additional aid package for Ukraine.

During a Sunday broadcast of the television talk show Sunday Evening with Vladimir Solovyov, the Kremlin propagandist host called Johnson a “traitor” for pushing supplement funding for Kyiv despite members of his political party opposing the spending measure.

The House passed a $60.8 billion spending measure intended to support Ukraine’s war against Russia on Saturday following months of resistance from GOP lawmakers. Johnson touted the bill as the “right thing” to do in the days leading up to the chamber’s vote. Democrats also rallied behind passing the measure on Saturday, and President Joe Biden has urged the Senate to pass the bill immediately.

According to reporting by Julia Davis, a top news analyst who runs the Russian Media Monitor project, Solovyov said on Sunday that the new Ukrainian bill was a “brutal victory” for Biden because “he did not give anything to Republicans.”

Johnson should be careful. Putin’s enemies have a habit of disaappearing.

Marjorie Taylor Greene, the GOP’s trashy bimbo ,says she has had it with Johnson.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) ripped Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.), and her House colleagues for advancing a massive foreign aid package for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan. 

Greene, who has opposed sending more money to Ukraine, expressed her anger at Johnson, for whom she already introduced a motion to vacate last month. 

She reacted to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s post on the social media platform X, where he thanked the House Speaker for the decision that “keeps history on the right track” following the vote in the lower chamber. 

The hard-right Georgia Republican slammed Johnson for passing a foreign aid bill, which the majority of Democrats voted for, and called the speaker a “traitor” to the entire country. 

“Zelensky thanks Speaker Mike Johnson (D-Ukraine) for sending $61 BILLION of your hard-earned tax dollars to fuel a foreign war,” Greene said in a Saturday post on X. “Johnson once again passed a bill with the help of Democrats while the majority of the Republican majority voted against it. Not only is Mike Johnson a traitor to our conference, he’s a traitor to our country.

Talk about an interesting cabal. Vladimir Putin, Russian propagandists and Georgia’s poor white trash trollop Taylor Greene. Johnson should be looking for a hole to hide in the GOP toxic swamp.

Should America be worried about the possibility of Trump returning to the White House in Nobember’s vote? Of course. The rabid right thaat controls the GOP and much of the political discussion these days is a formidible, and treasonous foe. As a career journalist who took a sabatticall for work for Republicans in rhe early 1980s, I saw the party for what it is: A toxic cult who puts greed and lust above the country and cares only for using lies and misinformation to tonrol the national narrative.

The late New Mexico Republican Congressmn Manual Lujan Jr,,my boss for much of my time on the drak side of political life, told me that “you have to understand what politics is? Is the Latin word ‘poli ‘ which means ‘many’ and ‘tics,’ which are blood suckers.”

Lujan later served as Interior Secretary under President George H.W. Bush. He was the only Republican I met in Washington that I liked and respected. Shortly before he died, he told me that he should have left the Republican Party because “it no longer care about or serves America.”

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