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Saturday, June 22, 2024

Civil libertarians often win the skirmishes, but not the image of what people tend to want

see, Since Earl Warren got on the Supreme Court, the Capital Punishment Lobby argued that the American people want swift automatic justice. While progress often win a particular issue.

Since Earl Warren got on the Supreme Court, the Capital Punishment Lobby argued that the American people want swift automatic justice. While progress often win a particular issue.

The Mumia abut Jamal saga may be a worse case example. Local conservatives claim Philadelphia believes that if a cop is killed, then the will of the community is that the triggerman should die. Mumia watching his brother being beat up for no apparent reason in no way affecting the harshness of the justice people want. Abu-Jamal is off of death row but Mumia and none of his supporters are celebrating. This is the rawest example of where Civil Libertarian’s seem to have won the skirmish but not the view of where the American people’s hearts and minds are at.

Woody Guffrey wrote This Land is Your Land.” He and Pete Seeger claimed to represent what the ordinary people’s hearts and minds and dreams were all about. A few others claim to represent the spirit of poor folk, Black folk and/or the immigrant spirit. But mostly radicals tell everyone things are wrong, and don’t argue when the right-wing claims they represent the true aspirations of the American people.

Mumia constantly points out what’s wrong, without claiming he represents what is right, and the possibility of making things more right in the future. It may be unfair to single him out because Mumia has good personal reasons to be negative.

Mumia supporters claim the huge Mumia protests in NY and LA don’t occur here because police terror keeps them away. If you don’t believe that line, that has a touch of truth in it (3 Mumia supporters such as Roxane Jones died while supposedly healthy which Move thinks isn’t coincidence) then Mumia supporters are helping spread the myth that they don’t represent what Philadelphians wants.

Anyone old enough to remember hearing, or even to have once stated (possible even those living in other cities), “Why doesn’t Mumia get a haircut and tie and say what his lawyer tells him to say” (this was back when everyone went to court looking clean cut.) Or “Why doesn’t he or his brother say what happened?” Has anyone out there ever met a Mumia leaflettier and make what you thought a helpful comment about the appearance or demeanor of those protesting or refused a leaflet because you were concentrating on other things and they suddenly acted like they thought you hated Mumia. Locally when I mention Mumia many say, “Let’s not discuss racially tense subjects that can further polarize the community.” Thus, fear of retaliation, or hate for Mumia isn’t the only two factors involved.

Usually when two or more people are entangled in an incident leading to the death of a cop, everyone is charged with murder not just the triggerman, unless the tainted witnesses testify exactly to the prosecutor’s liking. Billy, Mumia’s brother refused the police demand that he implicate his brother, but he wasn’t charged with murder. Was the prosecutor worried that the jury would sympathize with someone being assaulted just because he had a famous brother the police didn’t like? The details could be different. The word on the street was that Billy and Officer Faulkner knew each other, and had problems before this incident. But there was also a news article about the police storming Mumia’s mother’s apartment and in front of her neighbors urging her to stop her son from writing articles critical of the police.

The latest pro-Mumia book claims to prove that Mumia’s brother Billy’s friend, Kenneth Freeman, actually killed Mumia. It is a rehash of what many people locally are tired of hearing over and over again like glancing at the almost identical leaflet for the last 25 years. In condemning the lack of local press coverage, a top pro-Mumia writer actually accepted the assertion that a biased press made people locally think Mumia is guilty.

Mumia has found a new role, condemning Obama’s Campaign of Hope

As an activist, who is clearly can’t be accused of acquiescing to the White Man, (the word Uncle Tom misrepresents history), Mumia, may help us have a world with less hope in it.

Mumia claims the US is at the end of its empire. Rome’s last emperors were blamed for its [chaotic and desperate] fall, and a Black President, Mumia thinks, will mean that Blacks will be blamed for the rough times ahead like a city finally getting a Black mayor when the treasury is bare and the tax-base is gone. Other radicals may say in is unfair to claim Mumia is predicting inevitability of decline, that radicals predict that somewhere during the decline poor people, regardless of race and immigration status, will get together and change things for the better. But if Mumia said this, I’d like someone to point out where.

Mumia, please note the British Empire has been declining for generations, but they aren’t starving, like ancient Romans did. A massive depression ahead where crime rules, isn’t inevitable?

We live in a world where somehow people will believe almost anything if no advocacy group challenges the lie, such as the story of a Holy Book flushed down the toilet. Throw pieces of torn up lined paper in the toilet, noting that some paper clings to the walls of the toilet for several flushes. The original complaint was a book was tossed not flushed but later alleged witnesses said it was flushed, so the CIA etc, just let the false additional information slide. It’s totally illogical that Mumia’s short comment as to what exactly happened means he pulled the trigger. And the lack of a routine powder test to see if he fired a gun adds to what should be obvious that he never shot anyone. It is possible that like a dispassionate rereading of his statements would suggest that he had no idea what was going on. If so he might have said so instead of claiming a massive conspiracy where a cop was murdered in an attempt to silence Mumia’s writings.

Mumia claimed he was sitting in his cab doing paperwork, ignoring the police car stopping another car that he saw in his rear view mirror, until he heard a shot, looked back and saw his brother staggering, rushing to the scene he heard his brother scream. A cop pointed a gun and shot Mumia and Mumia soon collapsed into unconscious, Mumia affidavit didn’t even mention whether the officer he saw aiming a gun at him was standing next to Billy or somewhere at another angle, or if he was the same officer Mumia was accused of killing.

One thing Mumia has done he has given us logical anti-Obama material that can be thoughtfully challenged rather than all the smears and dirty tricks going on. Trying to prove Mumia wrong in his ideas, getting in the way of those trying to prove him guilty, I believe can make a brighter future for us all.

Let’s try to prove that America isn’t clamoring for punishment instead of just trying to help one person or change one law.


There may be some good news ahead.

Mumia’s local Move supporters are trying to combine Mumia’s plight with that of a once 15 year old kid serving life even though new witnesses keep coming forward claiming him innocent.
Perhaps this change of direction will make a real difference in the Mumia saga. 15-year-old supporters starting to become activists may be a good sign for the future. Mumia brief comments on exactly what happened. Mumia’s election articles,


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