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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Trump is a terrorist. Put him in prison now!

As president, Trump killed many Americans by denying aid for COVID-19 and he incited the Capitol Riot terrorists who caused too many deaths.
Yes, he sure did.( Courtesy of Mother Jones)

In this year’s dangerous presidential election, Republicans are offering a criminal, a convicted felon, as their overwhelming choice to run the nation. Figures, since the GOP runs the nation into the ground whenever it is the controlling party in Congress.

The party of the drunken elephant is on its second Speaker of the House this year, after the first effort — Kevin McCarthy — went down in flames because he pissed off the right-wing that controls the party. His replacement, Mike Johnson put the business of the government on hold last week so he and other members of the party that can’t, lumbered into the Manhattan Courtroom to watch a jury of seven men and five women deliver “guilty” verdicts on Trump for all 34 felony counts for illegal attempts to hide payments to a porn actress he screwed — without a condom — would keep quiet about a one-night stand.

Trump, who has never won any election by the popular vote, and his onlu win came from a by gerrymandered Electoral College tally. He lost his re-election effort to current President Joe Biden in the popular vote and the EC, still faces three other trials: One for hiding and refusing to return ultra-sensitive classified documents and one for inciting a seditious mob to storm the Capitol after losing 2020 election and attempting to take over the country and destroy its democracy,

This is who the Republicans and their rabid cult of white supremacists, racists, bigots and haters want to return to the White House after losing in disgrace and found guilty of criminal behavior.

It gets worse. A jury earlier found Trump, in a civil trial, to be a sexual predator and the judge ruled the jury;s decision made him a rapist for a sexual attack on a writer in a department store dressing room.

These are all-too-typical-stunts of a con man, railed reality show host and money-losing real-estate developer. His late father, and their company were declared racist in their business for dealings in their public housing projects in Queens

Trump was also forced shut down his fake charity for violating laws by donating funds to himself and an even sleazier operation, called “Trump University,” which robbed retirees of their funds by promising to makes them richt through seling real estate but only trook their money and recieved stale borcures and little else. He paid huge fines on both.

The self-declared “successful businessman” has far more bankruptcies than successes: He bought the successful Eastern Airlines shuttle and it failed in a few years, his Casios, telt to be money machines by most investorts, failed, went bankrupt and closed. Seme for “Trump Stakes,”undrinkable booze and other gimmicks. He short-changed vendors and drove many into bankruptcies whenn he failed to pay his bills to them.

Another New York jury found Trump and his company cheated on taxes, committed fraud and other illegal crimess and the fines have reached more than half a billion dollars. He was unable to pay the bod reserve on that decision and had to take a loan from a cut-rate check cashing service and that is under investigation.

Republican lawyer and lawyer George Conway left the party in disgust and now works with the Lincoln Project, which produces adds showing how sordid and filthy Trump theatens the nation. Former Republican Congressman Joe Scarborough, now host of Morning Joe news and talk show on MSNBC, says Trump has contributed heavily to the demise of the party.

Conway called Trump a Narcissistic Psychopath and Scarborough says Trump is a “fraud, a con man and crook.”

Trump is also the worst domestic terrorist in America ‘s history. As president, he hid information on the real dangers of COVID-19 and delayed actions that could have prevented thousands of deaths. He a;so was the ringleader of the Capitol Riot mob on Jan. 6, 2021, that caused damages, threatened the lives of many members of Congress, including his own vice president, Mike Pence, who refused †rump’s orders to disalllow valid vote counts and replace them with fake Electoral ballots to overturn Biden’s Presidential win.

When the mod shouted “hand Mike Pence,” GOP members bregged Trump to send in reinforcements and sto the riots but he waatched the madness on TV at that White Housel and did hothing for hours, delays that cost people their lives.

As part of his statments on that led to the riot and afterwards, Trump told the Proud Boys militia group to “stand ready” in case he needed them to enforce his will. Their leaders are in prison now and he promises ot pardon them, and other invooved in the riot, if he becomes president.

Trump could be sent to prison for four years for his convictions and sentencing is set for July, but some say he should be jailed now as a threat.

We agree. Trump, we feel, is a domestic terrorist and dangerous threat to the security and future of our government, our country and our way of life.

And if he, somehow, manages win this election in November, those who helped put him there should be considered his conspirators and face charges of sedition and, seriously, treason,

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