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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Trump: Liar, fraud, con man, sexual predator and, soon, convicted felon

Trump is so immersed in lying that he lies even to himself
Disgraced former president Donald Trump listens in court as he agrees to pay $150 to Playboy Playmate to keep quiet about an affair. (AP/Pool)

An old political cliche applies perfect ly for disgraced and criminally-indicted former president Donald John Trump.

When do we know when he’s lying? Simple. When his lips are moving.

He probably lies when he’s talking to himself. Most politicians lie. I’ve covered he occupants of the White House got some 60 years but none have been so openly dishonest and corrupt. He spouts so many lies so often, even when he contradicts himself by claiming never said an earlier lie, even when it is backed by recording and video.

In Queens in New York over the weekend, he claimed murderous dictators of Russia, China and other authoritarian nations were to be admired. He sent out emails last week to donors, claiming President Joe Biden authorized arms for FBI agents when they searched his Florida resort home and ordered that Trump “be shot on sight.”

Lies, as always. FBI agents are armed when performing their duties since prohibition and the warrant for the search of Mar-a-Lago specified that he would not there when they found classified documents that he had refused to return to the government when he left office.

He accuses others of lying to try and divert attention to his many falsehoods. Fact-chercking services have documented more than 30,000 lies he told during his one term in office.

The Daily Beast reports:

Already we have heard from the former publisher of the National EnquirerDavid Pecker, that he and Trump created a system for manufacturing hit jobs on Trump’s opponents and for concealing bad stories about Trump that was undeniably tied to the election. (Pecker testified that holds on “catch and kill” stories about Trump were lifted after the election. This was not business-as-usual in the world of bottom-of-the-barrel journalism. This was bespoke sleaze tailored to Trump’s measurements for campaign 2016 purposes.)

That’s bad. But it’s worse because, of course, it isn’t Trump’s only effort to use illegitimate means to win an election. Similar crimes are at the heart of the Fulton County, Georgia, case against Trump and the case Jack Smith has brought against Trump in D.C.

It’s also not the only case in which Trump is being accused of illegally defrauding the public. In fact, in the civil fraud trial against him and his company that was concluded in February, Trump was hit with a judgment against him that is in excess of $450 million. And even that is not the only recent case in which Trump was found to have lied at the expense of others, given the not-one-but-two-verdicts against him in the defamation lawsuits brought against him by E. Jean Carroll.

In fact, one of the most damaging aspects of the current case is that day in and day out for the next six to eight weeks the public will be given examples of how Trump lies, surrounds himself with liars, and has in fact made a profession of lying. That almost does not do his business association with lying justice. He is alongside friends and associates like Rupert Murdoch, the late Roger AilesVladimir Putin, the FSB, the Internet Research Agency, the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies, and Christopher Ruddy, one of the pioneers of the Misinformation Industrial Complex.

Die-hard extremist Republicans members of the House of Representatives put the business of governing on hold so they could attent the closing days of Trump’s trial of the criminal fauad an con man who will soon ve a convicted felon. They told reportttrs lies with claim that he was “the greatest president of our history” while ignoring a sexual predator, rapist, fraud and fake who looted the U.S. Treasury while in office and wants to do even worse if he wins in November

Can he win in November? Yes, he can, thanks to a corrupt political machine that puts party above patriotism and the greed of its leaders over the needs of a nation. When Trump announced his run for trhe presiency in the 2016 election, he claimed that “I’m rich–rich enough to pay for my aelection and I wont need toask anyone for donations. When he started raising money, much of it came from small-amount donations of those with limited incomes and the bulk of it was spent on his legal expenses and to support his lavish lifestyle.

Lawrence O’Donnell of MSNBC nots that depends on people who shell out money they cant afford because Trump knows they are “dopes” who are “too stupid to realze they are being conned.”

In the video below, O ‘Donnell lays out how this has been happening for the past eight years.

Watch it. Then keep your money while you take time to vote against this con-man, fraud and criminal so he will end up in jail for the rest of his miserable life. Put your country first because the only thing a fraud like Trump cares about is himself and how he can use criminal ways to support his greed.

(Courtesy of MSNBC)