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Saturday, July 13, 2024

Secret courts of the war on terror


At least three courts exist at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The Combatant Status Review Tribunal, Administrative Review Board, and finally the Military Commission. Sadly, FISA is no longer the only secret court run by the United States.

We claim it isn’t bound to our laws since it’s not located in the continental United States. Seems our laws stop here even though it is our money that built and now funds current operations there. Precious moments brought to us by the Bush Administration. Wonder if KBR (Haliburton) is building us a more x-ray or delta style camp.

Delta looks great when you aren’t being put under Enhanced Interrogation Techniques including beatings, electric shock, sleep deprivation, sexual humiliation, sodomy and scores of other abuses.

Speaker Pelosi said:

If somebody had a crime that the president had committed, that would be a different story… unless you have the goods that this president committed these crimes.

Isn’t that Donald Rumsfeld joining in on the fun of only a few misguided individuals and certainly not my policy Donald Rumsfeld?.

And we know now Dick Cheney was involved. Big surprise right?

Are you telling me the President doesn’t know that his Vice-President and the Secretary of Defense worked on torture together and Mr. George W. Bush had no idea? Not one but two Attorney General’s Ashcroft and Gonzales knew of it, but President Bush doesn’t? Must have been on vacation.

We don’t even need to investigate. It’s all right here on the intertubes. You know, that magic computer thing thats like those pipes that the good Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens received from VECO Corp. How is it we know these things and you do not?

But wait, Speaker you were briefed back in 2002 about such things. Let’s take impeachment off the table to save your own rear from prison as an accessory of war crimes. Speaker please tell me when does the conspiracy cease being a theory?

Thought they hated us for our freedoms. Is this a war on terror, because we are losing an awful lot of freedom. It feels like a war of terror, complete with rape rooms and torture chambers, and all the other associated evils. Were bin Laden alive he would be smiling at our stupidity.

Our Empire has grown large these last 7 years despite a clear mandate of no nation building activity from the electorate. And now we are broke and so far in debt our unborn grand-children will still be debt slaves to China.

Welcome to Pax Americana Thank you Neo-cons and the Project for a New American Century under the American Enterprise Institute for ushering in our New World Order of terror and conquest.

32 thoughts on “Secret courts of the war on terror”

  1. No apologies are necessary. Much of this is indeed inter-connected.

    That is one of the NWO’s strategies. Cause so much controversy that no one issue can gain mass support and become a real movement.

    One need look no further than the Bush Administration to see how it works in action. They have consistently attacked all values we hold dear in an effort to keep us spinning around from one issue to the next so that we all can’t come together against them.

    It’s actually quite encouraging for me to see so many people are not fooled. Now if we could just get together and do something about it!

  2. Apologies to Woody for going so far off topic.

    The very idea of ANY “secret court” in America is horrifying. We know that FISA was intended to be a secret court, not to be know of by the citizenry.

    How many OTHER “secret courts” exist in this country?

    If there is ONE, there are likely MORE. You may call me paranoid if you wish, but what if I’d mentioned a secret court operating in America BEFORE FISA was exposed, would you have called me paranoid at that time?

    Secret courts in America. Where is that mentioned in the constitution?

    — Kent Shaw

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