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Friday, May 17, 2024

As usual, Trump lies to his cult about what happens in court

In emails and speechs at rallies, Trump llies constantly. He is a con man, a grifter and, finally, being tried as the criminal he is
How do we know Trump is lying? His lips are moving. (Reuters/Carlo Allegri)

Disgraced, criminally-indicted former president Donald Trump, a constant liar who told more than 30,000 outright falsehoods during his first corrupt term in office, continues to spout lies to his brain-dead followers after each day of his trial for criminal acts as president and elsewhere.

In an email last Thursday after after a day of testimony by those whoo detailed his unlawful activities in the White House during his first term, he posted “I stormed out of court!”

“The reality was far more muted,” wrote Michael Gold of The New York Times.

In a story this week, Gold reported:

When the day ended, Mr. Trump calmly left the courtroom, as is typical of many criminal defendants. He strode toward reporters and a camera stationed in the hallway and gave a minute-long statement attacking the case, the judge and the proceedings. Then he exited the building and went home.

Still, in his message to followers, Mr. Trump depicted himself as a firebrand who angrily fled the proceedings over perceived injustice. “I’m DONE with the election interference,” he wrote. “Joe Biden & the LIARS in the media can spread LIES LIES LIES — all while I’m stuck in court and GAGGED!”

Such exaggerated portrayals have become typical for Mr. Trump and his presidential campaign in the weeks since the start of the trial in which he is accused of falsifying business records related to a hush-money payment to a former porn star.

In a career as a newspaperman and photojournalist, spanning more than 60 years, I have reported on Presidents from John F. Kennedy through the present administration of Joe Biden and I have never seen a more blatant liar and fraud as Trump.

His actions bring back an old adage in reporting: “How do you know he’s lying?” Simple, his llips are moving.

Gold, the Times and other news organization have tried to document the list of lies told by Trump over his career as a real estate developer, who lied about hisi wealth and business acumen, t9 the host of a contradictory television “reality shows,” failed marriages, bankruptcie, cons, fraud and criminal actions.

He reports:

As Mr. Trump sits in New York for the first criminal trial of a former president, he and his campaign have sent a blitz of emails and text messages to his supporters that depict a highly dramatized account of his actions inside the courtroom, where proceedings are far more prosaic than he describes.

The messages often elide details or nuances in order to support Mr. Trump’s broad assertions that his trial is a politically motivated “witch hunt.” Despite his claims of forced silence, the gag order has not prevented Mr. Trump from sharing his perception of the case.

And the fund-raising emails frequently insist that the charges he faces are part of a larger “election interference” effort orchestrated by President Biden, a baseless claim that lacks evidence. The New York case is being overseen by the Manhattan district attorney, Alvin L. Bragg, who operates outside the Justice Department’s purview.

When he won the presidency, Trump based much of his campaign on a lie that claimed former president Barack Obama, the nation’s first African-American presidnet, was not a valid citizen and claimed his birth certificate was “a fake.” Certiried copies of the certificate from Hawai, where he was born, failed stop is tsunami of lies about Obama.

His claims the re-election in 2020 was “a faraud” and was stolen from him. He was the fraud after mutliple audits and court decisions, including some from a Supreme Court dominated by his appointees, upheld the election but he continues to utter the lie and too many Republicans say they believe him.

Gold continues:

At least five fund-raising messages have claimed that Mr. Trump has “stormed” in or out of the courtroom. Reporters covering the trial have said that his movements are more subdued.

On at least six occasions, Mr. Trump has emailed his supporters to announce an imminent “emergency press conference.” In one message this month, he explained, “I’m bypassing the lying FAKE NEWS media and delivering a message directly to THE PEOPLE.”

But those “emergency” news conferences refer to the remarks that Mr. Trump has habitually made as he enters court in the morning and leaves in the afternoon. His comments differ little from what he has said in interviews on the campaign trail. And they are delivered to reporters, in front of a camera that has been stationed outside the courtroom for the duration of the trial.

Still, such exaggerations are consistent with the larger strategy that Mr. Trump and his team have used as they face the unprecedented reality of a major presidential candidate contending with four separate criminal cases.

Trump has destroyed the Republican Party, once called “The Party of Lincoln.” Now it is part of the cult of MAGA (Make America Great Again), a campaign slogan that is, itself, a lie.

It really stands for “Malignant Assholes Grifting America.” It is the creation of a con man and grifter named Donald John Trump.

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