In a Time of Universal Deceit, Telling the Truth is Revolutionary.
Monday, March 4, 2024


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Supremes expected to rule on at lest one case involving Trump’s claim of immunity. The Colorado resolution to keep Trum of that states' primary ballot could bring a ruling while other cases continue to linger

As State of the Union address approaches, 60 percent of voters question Bidem’s state of mind. Poll says 6 out of every 10 voters say the President's ental acuity is a concern for them while demented former president Donald Trump shows more sings of dementia…

As a demented newspaperman, I recognize Trump’s rampant dementia. His rants, twisted words, obscene insults, mauled language and inability to compose a simple declarative sentence leads experts to say his is suffering dementia.

Supremes set hearings on Trump immunity claims. The order could delay the start of trials and affect other timing issues in the prolonged legal fight

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