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Thursday, February 9, 2023

Liar, liar: Trump’s pants on fire

Donald Trump and the hell that surrounds him.

In covering the President of the United States, or many other elected officials, those of us in the media look for concealed information and lies.

When it comes to covering Donald Trump, the question is not “if” he will lie, but “when” and “how often.”

Trump is a serial liar, a pompous ass who attempts to define himself with outlandish exaggerations and incorrect, often slanderous accusations against anyone he feels does not adore him without reserve or hesitation.

In his latest version of just when he decided to fire FBI Director James Comey this week, Trump now says the decision came weeks ago.

Is this true?  Hard to say when it comes to the 45th President, who is an absolute stranger to truth or fact.

As more and more information emerges about Trump’s interactions with Comey, who he openly praised and claimed he supported just a few weeks ago, it is clear that the FBI boss ran into trouble when he would not pledge a “loyalty oath” to the President or put his decisions about the actions of the White House above truth or justice.

Trump demands total and complete loyalty even if that loyalty puts what is best for America or its people aside.

Donald Trump does not give a damn about the needs of the nation.  He cares only for his personal gratification.  He will claim “absolute” support of someone one day and fire them a day later.  He promises something and forgets such promises and attempts to cover up his lies by changing the subject or ignoring the fact that his actions daily break the law of the land or what was once the sanctity of the White House and the office of the President.

He is not the first President to do so.  Richard Nixon was a crook and a liar.  Trump openly admires Nixon. George W. Bush lied about weapons of mass destruction that did not exist in Iraq and declared a war against the country even though it did not represent a threat to America.  The sad fact that he got away with that mass deception probably helped a liar, crook and thief like Trump to con his way into the Presidency.

The sad fact that a criminal like Trump, who is still under investigation for fraud in his phone and failed “Trump University” and who has been cited and fined many times for racial stereotyping and discrimination by his companies, is where he is today is a sad commentary on the state of America.

Perhaps America’s descent into insanity and immorality began when it elected an actor as President, as it did with Ronald Reagan.  It certainly fell into the open-pit of questionable actions when the staff of John McCain talked him into putting failing, ignorant and uninformed Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin on his Presidential ticket as his Vice Presidential candidate.

Was that how a former “reality show” host became President now?  That’s an easy justification but it is not the answer.

A frustrated, and largely uneducated, part of America demanded “change” and they didn’t really think that hard about what change they needed.  Democrats all but ensured Trump’s ascent with failed candidate Hillary Clinton.

Hate, which has fueled elections in too many recent years, delivered the Presidency to Trump:  Hate against a black President, hate against women, hate against a status quo that voters did not understand and could not define.

So they turned to a con man who talked big, promised much and could not deliver anything they needed.

Trump did not win a majority of the vote.  It took an Electoral College system with gerrymandered districts to put him into an office he never deserved.

Still, enough of the voters bought into the Trump lie.

And speaking of lies, there is an old saying that when you “lie” down with dogs, you get up with fleas.

Let’s sit back, watch and laugh while they scratch themselves raw


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4 thoughts on “Liar, liar: Trump’s pants on fire”

  1. “How the f*** do I get this website to stop sending me these awful liberal extremist notices?!”

    1. learn the meaning of hate.
    2. Learn the meaning of Liberal.
    3. Learn the meaning of extremist.
    4. Unsubscribe?
    5. Maybe learning both sides of an issue would make you a better informed individual. One, better able to understand the true issue inside the extremes.

    Or you can only have one point of information, then only see the one side of an issue, never knowing if the issue is a facade or there is substance.

  2. You’ve got some serious issues man. This election provided a choice between a deceitful liar and a pathological liar, voters had little choice. How the fuck do I get this website to stop sending me these awful liberal extremist notices?!

    • Anyone who thinks Doug is a librul never watched him tear into Bill Clinton years ago.

      If there is anything Doug has stood for over the years, it is ethical people in government. And he has no compunction pointing out those who are abject failures in that area.

    • @Vince – you are seriously delusional or should I say Comrade Vince. Been following Doug for years – that’s one of the most idiotic classifications. Wait – i smell troll droppings. Work on a horse farm – you have to know your compost.

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