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Thursday, February 22, 2024

Donald Trump and his deplorable cult



Donald Trump is ranting and raving to the few who care and many others who could care less with hypocritical claims that Hillary Clinton is insulting all of his supporters because she said half of them are in a basket of the deplored.

He demands a an apology.

If anyone deserves an apology, it is America for spawning a cancer on humanity named Donald Trump.

Are his supporters deplorable?  Damn right.  They are even worse than deplorable.  They are racists, bigots, haters and supreme examples of the ignorance that thrives under the control of a con man like him.

If Clinton made a mistake, it was understating just how many of Trump’s supporters are mutants who replace reason with racism, hate with compassion and misplaced and misapplied white supremacy.

There’s a rotten core in America where racism thrives.  It emerged from the depths of depravity with hate to protest the election of Barack Obama in 2008, calling itself fake grassroots efforts like the tea party, the alt-right and worse.  They dressed up on camouflage, walked around Wal-Mart parking lots with AR-15s like Nazi storm troopers and supported right wing zealots to moved in from the fringes like a swarm of locusts, intent on devouring the land that most of us love.

“There is plenty overt white prejudice, former director of American National Election Studies.  “Whites who reported prejudicial beliefs about blacks skewed heavily Republican in 2008 and 2012 — and they will in 2016.”

Trump took control of the mindless masses like any effective con man, feeding their anxieties and their fears that their claims of white supremacy and Aryan domination are, somehow, just.

What these maladjusted misfits fail to realize is that white supremacy is a myth, one fostered by the Klan and Nazis and others who preach and practice hate.  Trump knew how to tap their hate for his own personal gain.

Any “pure white race” is long gone, diluted by too much cross-breeding, incest and the mixes of races they decried while indulging.  My birth certificate says I’m white.  My ancestry is a mixture of Scots, black Irish and Seminole  My wife is Irish and Lebanese and calls herself “beige” not white.  We’re both proud of our heritages.  We despise racism and those who practice it.

Are Trump’s supporters racist?  Far too many of them are.  Do they hate?  Damn right.  Are they violent?  Just watch the fights and shouting matches that accompany nearly all rallies for Trump and his band of deplorables.

Ironically, Trump built much of his political base on opposition to “political correctness” and using insults about the appearance, mannerisms and background of others.

Yet when someone else calls him and his flock what they are he stands up and fakes anger over being “attacked” for what he is.  He calls his opponents “liars,” yet nearly all of what he says are lies.  He makes fun of those with disabilities, mocks women he calls “fat” and “ugly ” and issues slurs, insults and outright lies aimed at anyone who does not fall fawning to his feet.

Trump is an arrogant, misogynistic, bigoted racist who will say anything or do anything to win an election to be someone he is not and become a leader he can never be in a position he does not deserve.

In he end, he is surrounded by people who can legitimately be called deplorable.

The most deplorable of the lot is Donald J. Trump.


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5 thoughts on “Donald Trump and his deplorable cult”

  1. Ahh, Publlsher Thompson, I believe you said:

    “Donald Trump is ranting and raving to the few who care and many others who could care less” (But they do care?)

    when you meant:

    “Donald Trump is ranting and raving to the few who care and many others who couldn’t care less” (They care about many things, but about this? They cannot care less)

    but in fact both are incorrect, because strictly speaking, the grammatically correct remark is “many others who couldn’t care fewer”!

    yw. ;-P


  2. Donald Trump is the orange faced scumbag who bought a 6-foot-tall portrait of himself with $20,000 of charity money.

    He is a batsh!t crazy lunatic, a multiple bankrupt loser, a draft dodging coward, a traitor who is in love with Russian Vladimir Putin and a narcissistic thief of the worst kind.

    Believe, OK!

  3. Actually Hillary was right, though her numbers may well be wrong. There are some people who are voting for Trump who are not “deplorables”, but because of their economic condition. But they are morons because Hillary is much more likely to help them than Trump!

    Trump is only out to glorify Trump and to make Trump richer, His income tax plan helps only the top 1% with huge tax cuts. It does NOTHING for poor and working people.

    I just wish his non-racist supporters could understand that.

  4. “If anyone deserves an apology, it is America for spawning a cancer on humanity named Donald Trump.”

    I think you meant the rest of humanity is owed an apology by America. Or maybe you meant we should apologize to America as in, “I am sorry you have that Trump guy.”

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