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Friday, December 1, 2023

The fall of Trump’s house of cards?

Donald Trump: "Who, me lie?"
Donald Trump: “Who, me lie?”

Since his unpredictable rise to the top of the once-crowded field of Republican Presidential wannabes, those who shake their head in despair have frequently predicted his political demise, buried under the collapsing house of cards that illustrates his carefully crafted “brand.”

Each prediction, to date, has proved wrong as gullible Trumpites flock around in the latest celebrity-driven orgy of greed and lust.

But Trump’s pursuit of a Presidency he neither deserves or should achieve is coming apart as more and more details of his questionable business antics and fraudulent activities emerge.

Disclosures this week of the flagrant drive to bury people who can’t afford it into thousands of dollars into debt through his illegal, immoral and outright con called Trump University show Trump, the flashy “billionaire” may be a man who is barely hanging on in a con game of a debt-ridden, failed businessman who is one-step away from losing it all.

Daniel W. Drezner, a professor of international politics at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University, says the past week alone shows Trump is a desperate man who is trying to manipulate his presidential run into a last-gap for financial survival.

Some people who have real money have been whispering for months that Trump is nowhere as rich as he claims and is debt up to his ass, paying overdue bills with money raised in fraudulent schemes like “Trump University” and by turning a run for President into an endless “infomercial” to hawk his “brand” by even using campaign press conferences to promote his wine, his steaks, water and even playing cards.

Billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban, described by Drezner as “a real billionaire,” told WABC radio in New York this week that he doubts Trump is worth anywhere near what he claims and may not even be a billionaire.  Cuban is not alone.  Forbes Magazine, which keeps track of who earns what among the high-dollar types, puts Trump’s net worth far below what he claims.

Cuban says Trump’s branding stunts is “more a reflection of desperation” by a bad businessman in need of money fast.

“I asked, ‘What the hell are you doing?’ Are you that desperate for money?’,” Cuban said.

In close examination of Trump’s filings with the FEC, Cuban said:

Before all the Trumpians jump on me on who has more money, the reason I know is when you file your federal election campaign reports, you have to list all your cash and liquid securities and bonds. You have to list them one by one. So we know without any question that as of May 27, Donald doesn’t have more than $165 million in cash and securities and bonds. I’ve got a lot of more than that in cash, securities, and bonds, And so you know, I’m willing to bet dimes against dollars that that’s pretty much what he’s got.

Drezner, suggests Trump is failing in so many areas of his business “empire” that he has turned to running for President as a last gasp.

“Yes, it is sad. Trump is using his presidential campaign to try to counteract reversals he might be suffering in the business world,” Drezner wrote Thursday in The Washington Post. “But anyone who thinks that Trump would not use the vast powers of the presidency to advance his own business interests is delusional. Trump’s behavior over the past few days raises a disturbing scenario; that he intends to use the power of the presidency to arrest any slide in his business enterprises.”

He concludes his observations with:

I don’t know why Donald Trump decided to run for president in the first place. But I’m beginning to wonder if his motivation to win now is less about making America great again and more about avoiding yet another Trump bankruptcy.


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6 thoughts on “The fall of Trump’s house of cards?”

  1. The orange man Donald Trump is an intellectually deficient racist pig and an egomaniacal madman!

  2. Maybe he wants to use this as a means to make some money? You know that Presidential candidates can end their campaign (or just lose) and then turn the left over cash into personal income. I guess this will become more apparent as we go into the fall. If he doesn’t spend a lot of the money he raises, then this must be why,

  3. It isn’t news that he is likely not a billionaire, I saw a clip of a prominent newscaster years ago that said he was worth about $60 million, and it was a persuasive case.

    But I don’t believe the claims that Trump never expected to win, his campaign has been too well-calculated and planned to suggest that he didn’t put serious effort into trying to win. And while I won’t predict Trump will win at this time because the betting odds are stacked 2-1 against him, I do think he will do well and the vote will be close.

    All of this dirt being dug up on Trump doesn’t matter for the same reason that 71% of Democrats say Clinton should keep running even if indicted. Politics in the US are becoming more tribal, and for a majority of both Republicans and Democrats, politics and tribe are more important than law and principle. Trump will fight for his tribe, and as long as he will fight for his tribe, the tribe won’t care if he promises to flatten the White House in his first year of office and build the next Trump Tower over the wreckage.

  4. The rumor I heard was Trump and the Clintons are buddies and he did this to split the party so Hillary would be assured a win. One of his staffers was quoted as saying he never planned on winning until he began to win, and then he ego took over. I am truly astonished people are still hanging in there. He is a a circus barker, and not much else. The evidence has existed all along that he is a liar, not a billionaire and not a very good business man. Hasn’t he filed bankruptcy four times already? And this is the guy people want to run the country? YIKES! Nice article Doug. Praying that house of cards falls sooner rather than later!

  5. This would certainly tie in with former staffers saying that Trump neither expected nor wanted to win. If both of these ideas are right, then it seemed he did jump in hoping for a few months of free publicity to get his financial health jump-started again.

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