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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Lies, damn lies and Presidential politics

Obama campaign professional prevaricator Jen Psaki

Here’s a newsflash for you: President Barack Obama’s campaign is run by double-dealing, lying scumbaags.

Nah, strike that. It’s not news when a Presidential campaign lies.

Presumed GOP candidate Mitt Romney‘s campaign is overrun with professional liars too.

Such is the nature of politics.  In elections, as in war, truth is the first casualty.

Obama’s campaign this week got caught in not one, but multiple lies about Missouri steelworker Joe Soptic — the star of a pro-Obama SuperPAC spot where he claims his wife died of cancer because he didn’t have insurance after Romney’s Bain Capital laid him off when it acquiring his company.  Soptic’s wife died two years after he was laid off and she had insurance from her job.

Obama’s campaing issued pious denials, claiming they didn’t know Soptic, didn’t know about the ad and didn’t know about his story.

All those claims were lies.

Obama’s people now only knew Soptic, they included him in a conference call and used him an an earlier ad by the campaign.

So now they are changing their story with another lie.

Said Obama campaign spokesman Jen Psaki on Thursday:

No one is denying he was in one of our campaign ads.  He was on a conference call telling his story.

Say what?  Just one day earlier, Obama campaign officials, including Psaki, claimed they didn’t know anything about Soptic and didn’t know about the story.

“We don’t have any knowledge of the story or the family,” Psaki said.

Now Psaki is exposed as just another serial liar in the world of politics, where truth is a disposable commodity and prevarication is standard operating procedure.

So why is the so-called “mainstream media” ignoring the story.  Reports POLITICO’s Dylan Byers:

President Barack Obama’s traveling press corps failed to press spokeswoman Jen Psaki today on contradictory statements she made this week regarding the campaign’s knowledge of details about former steelworker Joe Soptic, who appears in a controversial Priorities USA ad.

Amid mounting accusations that Psaki and other campaign representatives lied by initially claiming ignorance of Soptic’s story — when, in fact, they had used Soptic’s story in a two-minute campaign ad and conference call in May — reporters seemed content to let Psaki walk the story back without follow-up.

In other words, the standard operating procedure of the press corps is “so what? Another campaign day, another campaign lie.”

That’s unacceptable. Here at Capitol Hill Blue, we have a simple rule: When politicians lie, we report it. We make a big deal out of it. We don’t like politicians who lie. We have no need for Presidents who lie. We don’t much care for pretenders to the throne who lie either.

Jen Psaki is a liar. She’s a professional liar, employing by a campaign run buy lying scumbags who will do anything to re-elect a lying President.

Over on the other side, an equally-untruthful group of professional liars will also do anything to deny Obama a second term.

Which means, in the end, voters in November will select a liar as President based on a campaign where lies defined both candidates and truth had nothing to do with the process.

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4 thoughts on “Lies, damn lies and Presidential politics”

  1. WTF, you go on a rant about proven varifiable lies from Obama (which is absolutely the case) but the naccuse Romney of being a liar as well. WTF are you talking babout in regards to Romney lieing….what, when, where…?

  2. V.P. announcement:

    When it became confirmed that Ryan would be on the ticket, I had to take a deep breath because he should have been the candidate instead of any of the fools that were nominated. Ryan had followed Bush’s bad legislature moves that helped put us into a level of debt never seen before. Had he acted as an individual as he claims to be, America would be in better fiscal shape but he followed the Bush team and disqualified himself as a future leader in the Party. His budget was a good plan but needed to be pushed when America was in better shape. Too many people have lost their jobs and too many down sized and have lost their benefits. To kick a huge majority of American workers in the ass when they are down is exactly what went wrong. To cover their mistake they came after women by trying to label all of us as political whores.

    In an election year, timing is everything and the GOP seems to resemble a large colorful parade with half the musicians marching in the wrong direction. Tearing down Obama does not make the GOP look better! I can understand the Ryan budget but, again it would be better timing had the jobs been allowed to increase first. Tea Party members wanted to win their own fight even when it meant losing the battle of promoting a reduction in spending. Knocking Obama off the podium should have been done by proving his agenda is less important than showing a better agenda. The GOP offers nothing! Cutting Medicare and Social Security will be necessary but should be done in small increments not threats.

    Romney is certifiably stupid and should be chained to sit with his mouth taped shut. He is a man of the people. Ryan has the brains but not the recorded background to pull off any win. He cannot wake up this morning and claim to be what he is not! I remember the Rx increase in Medicare and I learned quickly who voted for it and who did not. Ryan was on board all the way which shows he must have realized this was an unfunded piece of legislation. It won by one vote and I was told it was my House member Trent Franks from Arizona who changed his vote. Franks or Ryan , it makes no difference except neither one should lie and pretend they didn’t understand. I understood because I follow this stuff.

    Ryan is flipping in circles trying to cover his ass for his bad votes. He basically is a smart man but had a problem when the GOP changed their agenda to give the government more power over the people. If the voters are stupid enough to vote for Romney/Ryan then they will have to live with a power-hungry government run by two-faced lying Christians.

    Both of those men stood arm in arm and promised the people standing on the deck of the aircraft carrier while they promised that Social Security and Medicare would not be touched. This goes beyond lying!

  3. Bill, The only way the truth has a chance, is through the House and Senate. Since the day President Obama was inaugurated, the other side of the aisle should have gotten busy to locate a trust worthy candidate not only in the White House but for the Congress to keep ahead of the Democrats and keep them honest in their pursuit of following the Constitution.

    They changed the agenda all right but went into the old inquisition mode of forcing all Americans into the arms of God. Had the GOP leaders taken the good stuff from the Christians instead of the death threats thrown at our first African American President, it might have worked but it proved to many of us that extremism is very close to treason.

    Since 2000 brought Bush 43 into power, treason was the force to be used against any candidate running for any federal position. It literally ripped the lid off of conspiracy groups. The GOP became the number one conspiracy in their agenda bringing Christians the only possible cure to destroy Obama.

    I remember all the campaigns since Ike and some that followed were as dirty as possible until the voters pointed their hopes on new members of the Congress. The Congress earned their salaries keeping oversight as a very active group. The Congress believed in moderation when it came to voting for or against the bills.

    But the government went insane after 911 and all hell broke loose. I hate to repeat my opinions on this insanity but our government became focused on social issues that are back again pitting Ministers, Priests, and all voices of Muslim sects. Anyone with a hint of history can tell you that this trick of pitting Gods against each other is the quickest way of taking down any government. Kids in first grade understand this duty of declaring their God loud and clear.

    I saw this coming in 1999 when I read the agenda behind the GOP.

    We never could get a discussion going here at how much government do we need or want. Even individual Americans refused to define their own political opinions. In other words, we lost by default. It was easier to debate in those days as people were not glued to the TV as they are today.Today, we get some referenced characters used for a good debate that are based on some television show. I can’t even follow the words of Chris Matthews or Joe Scarborough as they are based on nobody who has read or written a book.

    America is truly a lost world of trivia.

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