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Thursday, September 28, 2023

Democrats, Republicans dislike their own Presidential candidates

Mittl Romney & Barack Obama: Sharing a common problem

Many Democrats and Republicans have one thing in common this Presidential election year.

Members of both parties wish they had someone else on the top of the ticket on Election Day.

Democratic and Republican political strategists tell Capitol Hill Blue that dissatisfaction runs high on both sides fo the political fence.  Both the right and the left feel their candidate is too middle-of-the-road for their tastes.

“On most any day, I hear a Demcorat wishing Hillary Clinton had knocked Obama off in the 2008 primaries,” says one Democratic pro, who asked not to be identified.  “Many Democrats feel the party would be better off if Barack Obama had remained a junior Senator from Illinois.”

Over on the GOP side, strategists say Mitt Romney was a compromise choice in a muddled election year — and a poor choice at that.

“When Mike Huckabee and Chris Christie decided not to run it left us with some poor choices,” says one strategist, who like his Democratic counterpart, doesn’t wish to go on the record. “Mitt Romney is the dog with the least fleas.”

Democrats complain Obama is not liberal enough. Republicans say Romney is not really a conservative.

“A supreme irony,” says independent political consultant Sam Yardley.  “The extremists from both the right and the left want to dominate their parties but both end up with candidates who are not extreme enough.”


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8 thoughts on “Democrats, Republicans dislike their own Presidential candidates”

    • You’re not just voting for a Presidential candidate when you vote for President, you’re also voting for the agenda of a political party and possibly the appointments of one or two new supreme court justices. Pick a party. Vote.

  1. I find President Obama much less offensive than Gov. Romney. Romney’s agenda degrading all people of color and women to be the most insulting quality of leadership found anywhere. I learned today that a large number of women are afraid they will lose their birth control meds and will ask their Doctors to insert IUD’s which have a high rate of infections,. I ended up as a divorced mother of 2 kids without a cent of support and what upset me was the fact I was paid lower wages than the men in my technical writing job. Women must not vote for any Republican candidate and we all should be looking for Democrats in the house and senate.

    The Congress rules the laws and too many women are too dumb to choose their candidates well.

    • “There’s a simple solution to the dilemma. If you don’t like your presidential candidate — don’t vote for him.”

      The fervid hope of every Republican strategist nowadays.

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