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Friday, December 1, 2023

Stoned or drunk? Commerce Secretary goes on car-ramming spree in California

Secretary of Commerce John Bryson (Reuters)

Sources close to the investigation of two hit-and-run accidents caused by Commerce Secretary John Bryson tell Capitol Hill Blue the Obama appointee was “definitely under the influence of something” when he struck two cars in two separate incidents and fled the scene in Los Angeles County over the weekend.

Bryson, found passed out in his car following the second incident, is hospitalized with “non life-threatening” issues and is “under investigation” for felony hit and run by the county sheriff’s department and the San Gabriel police department.

The first accident occurred about 5 p.m. California time on Saturday when Bryson, ,68, drove his Lexus into the back of a car stopped at a railroad crossing in San Garbiel.  After a heated exchange between the three men in the car he struck, Bryson rammed their car again and drove off.  The men followed and called police.

A short time later, Bryson’s car slammed into a second vehicle in nearby Rosemead.

While a joint statement by the sheriff’s and police departments would not say if alcohol or drugs were involved, sources within both departments say the Commerce Secretary appeared to be “under the influence of something.”

President Barack Obama appointed Bryson last year.  Neither the Commerce Department nor the White House would respond to repeated requests for comment.

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7 thoughts on “Stoned or drunk? Commerce Secretary goes on car-ramming spree in California”

  1. Of course this guy was drunk. Ans he was then quarantined from the press and polixe til he sobered up. More news to come.

  2. The question I have is if Bryson was under the influence, has he already received special treatment in the manner in which he has been handled by the police and the media? Will Bryson be yet one more well connected official who is too big to fail?

  3. Secretary Bryson heard a ugly rumor that the Russians were trying to outdrink Americans, and he set out on a patriotic campaign to defeat this threat to our national interest.

    Bombed Bryson vs. the rascally Russians.

    Maybe that’s not it. Maybe George Dubya Bush was behind the wheel, and Bryson was just a passenger.

  4. The article I read quoted the police as saying no drugs or alcohol were involved. That’s not the kind of thing you can cover up for more than a couple of hours, since doctors, nurses, lab techs, police, etc. would all know the truth.

  5. Of course he was loaded! Unless he had a seizure. People don’t post stupid knee-jerk articles or comments like this if they are sober, either. Nice try. On to the next conspiracy theory, I suppose.

  6. Was this fellow a Recess appointed Czar or was he vetted by the real appointment process?

  7. Of course he was loaded! People don’t behave like that if they are sober. Looks like the big coverup, again, to me

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