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Saturday, March 25, 2023

Rand Paul’s endorsement of Romney sparks revolt from his father’s flock

Rand Paul: A 'traitor' to his father? (AP Photo)

In a move that angered many of his father’s legon of die-hard supporters, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul Thursday endorsed former Massaschussets Gov. Mitt Romney for President.

“The time is right” to endorse Romney, Paul said on Sean Hannity‘s Fox News Show, adding that “my first choice has always been my father.”

Rand Paul’s endorsement of the GOP establishment came one day after Ron Paul emailed supporters with an acknowledgment that he would not win the nomination, noting that — at best — he would arrive at the August convention in Tampa with 20 percent or less of the delegates needed.

Ron Paul effectively ended his campaign for the nomination weeks ago but stayed in the race with hopes of picking up delegates in state caucuses and conventions in an effort to “influence” the convention.  He is now urging his supporters to work for local, state and congressional candidates who support his causes.

Many of the elder Paul’s enthusiastic supporters still cling to the fading hope that their candidate can somehow emerge as the nominee in a brokered convention, although that hope is considered a fantasy by those in control of the nomination process.  Romney captured enough delegates before the end of May to secure the nomination and padded that count with a sweep of five primaries — including delegate-rich California — on Tuesday.

Rand Paul said Thursday he would actively campaign for Romney.

Said Paul:

I think I can be an asset in solidifying the conservative base of the party. I also think that myself, my father and the movement that he started attracts a lot of independents. A lot of these young people aren’t necessarily the conservative base.

The Kentucky Senator’s move is already triggering a backlash among some of his father’s flock.

“I’m not much interested in leading the masses into the Republican party,” wrote Michael Mystrom of The Daily Paul. “This site will not become the Daily Rand.”

Posters on the various Ron Paul forums Thursday night accused the son of “backstabbing his own father” and proclaimed the endorsement was “worse than patricide.”

Tweeted Ron Paul supporter Angie Ritchey:

Rand Paul is a SELL OUT I’d been hoping that the apple didn’t fall far from the tree, but it looks like it is growing in a different orchard.



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12 thoughts on “Rand Paul’s endorsement of Romney sparks revolt from his father’s flock”

  1. Anyone but Rombot Mittens! I will vote for Obama before Rombot. I sent Dr. Ron Paul bucks, and would have suppported Rand in 2016. But now, it is clear that some of Rand’s talk has been subterfuge and manipulation.

    Let’s take it down so we can fix it in 2016. Vote Obama 2012!

    • What are you thinking no on Obama he wants to bring us down and is doing it, at least Romney is sincerely going to try to fix what Obama has done! Romney would not have been my choice but at least he has money backing him to fight Obama. We gotta fix our borders are who knows is coming across to hurt us!Obama sure isn’t going too, he is even preventing voter ID so he can get illegal votes he is crooked! he is destroying our economy, China is going to own America we are drowning in debt to them. Our grand children are going to left with all this debt I think right now every American now owes $75,000 to China that includes our children too.

  2. Okay we must defeat Obama please see what he is doing to the country get behind Romney and vote Republican and save this country. Rand Paul is doing the right thing he can help fix this country,I believe you will hear from Ron Paul about this and maybe he will be offered something in the new administration where he can help the country we must stand united against Obama this country cannot take 4 more yrs of Obama!

  3. I agree, terrible show by Rand. We’re just supposed to “know” it was done for long-term politics…definitely growing in a different orchard than me.

  4. “Romney loses, Obama drives this country further into the ground.” Seriously? Bush/Cheney bankrupt the country, sell off government to the highest bidder, contaminate the Extreme Court to the point that it is no longer anything more than a mouthpiece for the ruling class, and Obama is driving the country into the ground? As always, the best thing about being a neo-conservative is never having to be right or reality-based. You freaks are delusional.

    • Let’s see.

      When Obama came to office the economy was losing about 9% of its value per year and unemployment was getting more severe by the month, the last month of the Bush disaster destroying 800,000 jobs. Those were Great Depression numbers. Now we are growing the GDP about 2-to-3% and adding an average of 200,000 a month over the past two years

      So we have to put the matter into context and compare it to right-wing objectives to see if the country is being driven into the ground. When we see that every GOP administration since WWI has trashed the economy, increased poverty, run up the debt, destroyed jobs and small businesses, it is reasonable to conclude that destruction of America is the rightwing objective. Has been every since Benedict Arnold tried to prevent independence and democratic government.

      Now, how long did it take FDR to save America from a previous right-wing GOP destructive crew? Righties say it took WWII to get the job done–that’s 12 years from 1933 until 1945. But now Obama is “driving the country into the ground” because he didn’t completely save America from destruction in months after the previous right-wing buffoons instituted the right’s real objective.

      And FDR actually had a Congress that would do something positive for him instead of the hate-America crowd now controlling the House and blocking everything in the Senate.

  5. Brendan, I don’t think Rand has proven that he’s “a true small government, constitutional conservative” yet. So far he’s a typical Republican, maybe more outspoken than most, but philosophically unremarkable. He may turn out to be Presidential material, but I doubt that will happen by 2016, and it would be a shame to put him up before he’s ready and ruin his future chances.

  6. Rand Paul is the best chance the liberty movement has of getting a true small government, constitutional conservative in the white house. People forget that Ron Paul isn’t really a politician, Rand Paul is, and that’s all this endorsement is — Politics. Best case scenario. Romney/Rand ticket, Romney loses, Obama drives this country further into the ground, Rand 2016. Gives us 4 years to win local party leadership.

  7. Rand should have said nothing. His endorsement of the flip-flopping flim-flam man is a huge mistake. Just because Romney shares some of the same values as Rand Paul does not mean he will stand by them in the future if they become politically unpopular. And if this was an attempt to get his father’s supporters to vote for Romney, forget it. Most of us view this endorsement as a betrayal of the man we love and respect so much – Ron Paul.

  8. I hope those people in the Ron Paul movement who have gained some power in the Republican party will continue their efforts at taking it over, but for the purpose, now, of completely destroying it. System politics will never represent us until this giant deception machine is obliterated, including everyone from the Mittens wing to the traitorous Rand Paul. After working for his ideas for 24 years I’m even having doubts about the old man.

    Democracy sucks. Republicanism sucks. The only thing that really works is raw power and now we know that voting is a joke.

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