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Thursday, February 22, 2024

Cops claim to foil terrorist attack with a ‘sting’ operation

This image provided by the Mauthnomah County Sheriff's Office shows Mohamed Osman Mohamud, 19, arrested and charged with attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction. Officials say he tried to detonate a vehicle bomb at Pioneer Courthouse Square during the tree lighting ceremony Friday, Nov. 26, 2010. They said the bomb was a dummy that FBI agents supplied him. (AP Photo/Mauthnomah County Sheriff's Office)

FBI agents claim they busted a pissed-off Somali-born teenager just as he was readying to blow up an explosive-packed ban that he hoped to use to spread death and destruction at a crowded Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Portland, Oregon over the holiday weekend.

What the would-be bomber did not know was that the bomb was an elaborate fake supplied by FBI agents in an elaborate sting operation.

Agents arrested Mohamed Osman Mohamud, 19, at 5:40 p.m. local time Friday as he dialed a cell phone he thought would set off the device. Instead of an explosion, agents and police swooped down for the arrest.

Mohamud fought agents while screaming “Allahu Akbar,” which is Arabic for “God if great.”

Arthur Ba;ozam. special agent in charge of the FBI in Oregon, called the threat “very real” and said “our investigation shows that Mohamud was absolutely committed to carrying out an attack on a very large scale.”

FBI sources tell Capitol Hill Blue that operatives like Mohamud are “widespread” throughout the United States and pose a “very real threat” to the security of the country.

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13 thoughts on “Cops claim to foil terrorist attack with a ‘sting’ operation”

  1. You have to love theater where the actors get paid more depending on their ability to convince the audience that they are necessary.

  2. 1: One explosion at a mall does not constitute “an attack on a very large scale”.

    2: An “operative” like this kid poses a threat to the SAFETY of a few localised people, hardly “a “very real threat” to the security of the country”.

    3: What was the benefit of having let the operation get to the point of the kid failing to detonate the van, rather than just arresting him when he paid them for the equipment?

    4: If the FBI knows these “operatives” are widespread, then they must know who/where they are and have them under observation, therefore I’m not worried. Otherwise the numbers of these operatives is purely conjecture.

    My money’s on this being a stupid kid being almost encouraged to get this far in order to make good headlines.

  3. Moles, Patsies, and Handlers. Timing is interesting I thought they could do better for Thanksgiving weekend. Does anyone think this sting is really credible?


    Lester Martz, regional head of the ATF confirmed that there was a sting operation the night before the bombing, but he wouldn’t confirm if the sting operation was related to the bombing. The ATF had apparently been staking out the Murrah building at 3.30am. Some people have speculated that the bombing was a sting operation that backfired. “I find it very difficult to believe the ATF could be that inept. Even if it’s true, this still doesn’t explain the charges placed inside the building, according to General Partin’s analysis.” …extract from article

    The following link is from .

    I realize many will be aghast that I use such a disrespected reference, but it’s the best possible narrative of that which you could glean from from hundreds of other sites devoted to the OKC bombing. Besides I like the eye restful “parchment like background” which brings to mind our founding documents graced by such an such elegant medium. : )

    Carl Nemo **==

    • Ah yes, Mr Rense. This is the guy who brings you

      News Flash – Joe McCarthy Was Controlled By Jews!

      And this:

      “The health commission of Codex Alimentarius, and the subsequent legislation to come from it, has provable roots to Nazism, Communism, eugenics, and one-world government initiatives”.

      The credibility of a sea slug.

      • I thought I’d get some ‘silence’ for a change GHL from you since I already mentioned a disclaimer concerning the Rense link. It just reads well and lays out much of what can be found on many other sites against a comfortable visual background…no?

        Then you pissed me off by disrespecting “sea slugs”…!

        Gastropods are magnificent creatures and I believe they are the Washington State “animal”… : )) We have big slugs crawling everywhere when the rains start. Great duck food for sure as well as maximum grief on your shoe shy of cat poop.

        A few years back an astute science based observer thought it would be good to research slug slime. They found out it has two components both of which are hygroscopic meaning they attract water. Anyway the results of the research is that they’ve analoged a surgical glue for wounds precluding the need for stitches in many cases. It’s like a biologically based “super glue”.

        I could step on these creatures and disrespect their presence, but I don’t. I take the time to pick up those in the path of my vehicles outside the garage area or wherever putting them back into nature. The fascinating thing is it’s hell to get the slime off your fingers. It’s difficult to cut with soaps and even a knuckle scrub brush won’t make a dent on the coating. Truly amazing.

        Slugs are also quite erotic when they are mating, the way they slip and slide and get all “gooey” with each other. All you need is some sensual background music to kick it up a notch. They have a scene in a movie titled “The Wicker Man” featuring slug sex while a similar human based scene is unfolding in a local inn. Of course this is ground based and not of a marine, subsurface nature.

        I’d say the humble “sea slug” has more credibility as a function of their existence in creation than 99.9% of the human, less than ‘slugs’ trodding this planet.

        Sorry pal our government didn’t come clean with us concerning OKC as well as 9/11. The fact they had legislation already hammered out, unread as a function of this OKC debacle, no different than for 9/11 tells me they have have an agenda and it hasn’t been good for “We the People” to date.

        Carl Nemo **==

        • It just hit me GHL that you remind me of Sgt Howie in the movie, an everso uptight constable driven by his ‘duty’ to investigate the disappearance of a young woman with my reference to “The Wicker Man” movie a 1973 production. I suggest you and other folks rent the movie. It just might ‘set you free’. ; )

          The slug scene I referenced in my post is not part of this clip, but is soon to follow as the night unfolds. : D

          Carl Nemo **==

          • Ah, once more into the single malt breach I see.

            Our slug slime makes for slippery when wet nearly permanent barefoot shoes..Our Reps however, are dry slugs.

            • Too bad they aren’t dry enough Bryan, like slugs in the noonday sun, saving us grief from their further, shoe fouling presence… : ))

              I have no idea how you might surmise that I was sippin’ single malt scotch yester’s eve Although spendy, I like the ol’ standby when it comes to what I think is the best; ie., Glenfiddich, 12 year stock. : D

              Carl Nemo **==

    • There’s no real credibility to any suggestion that the Murrah building was set to explode by ATF or any conspirators other than McVeigh and Terry Nichols, with the possible exception of the Arkansas white supremacists that McVeigh had tried to buddy with. Since the ATF offices were located in that building, there was no real need for a 3:30 am “stakeout”.

      It was just one helluva truck bomb… easily heard 25 miles away. The fertilizer was purchased at farm coops and readied with the fuel in Nichols storage barn, and the truck was a Ryder rental. McVeigh admitted his crime – committed as revenge for the massacre at Waco – I can’t find much of a “sting” in any of that.

      As for Mohamud, what a loser.

  5. “the same tactics used by the BATF concerning the Oklahoma City bombing by setting up Timothy McVeigh except the op went bad with the end result being mayhem.”


  6. This occurred on my back porch so to speak since I’m a Clark County Washington resident across the Columbia from Portland. Based on the article it’s another of their “sting ops” which has me gravely concerned. I don’t think it’s too difficult to find “any” Somalian, who given a bomb wouldn’t detonate such in one of our malls, airports or the local Starbucks much less a courthouse area.

    As far as getting him out of circulation, good riddance, but seemingly this is the same tactics used by the BATF concerning the Oklahoma City bombing by setting up Timothy McVeigh except the op went bad with the end result being mayhem.
    There’s too many of these sting ops all having the possibility of it going bad, putting the general public at far greater risk than necessary.

    Obviously this dangerous youth was not very sophistocated and was easily setup, but what if he weren’t and he’d spotted their ruse, but did a switch concerning the bomb? So the bomb goes off; then the entire nation has to suffer again for the acts of these Muslim fanatics. The ‘blown op’ would not be mentioned due to agency ramifications and he’d then be pegged as a lone terrorist who penetrated our security therefore we need even more draconian, freedom destroying measures possibly even martial law declared…OUCH!

    It would have been nice if they could have simply collared this junior sob with the inclinations of a terrorist on some minor charge and deported him back to Somalia with an overflight at 20,000 ft, no parachute provided. : |

    “Mauthnomah County” under the photo description should read Multnomah which was an Indian tribe within the greater Chinookan peoples that lived along the Columbia in times past.

    Carl Nemo **==

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